Charter Mykonos - Anamar Blu, cu plecare din Bucuresti
It is an island made by Gods for people. Who hasnt have something to say about Mykonos Island, who hasnt swim in its vast boundless blue wkters, who hasnt have lived unforgettable moments… Myconos, the sea, the sky, the sun, the hospitality, the fun, the harmony, the charm. A never-ending real myth surrounding us, every part of it a reality, something special, challenging you to live it, taste it, relish it. An barren island, arid, burned by the sun but full of golden beaches and crystal waters. The white color, the stone and the scattered mountains are indelible memories in the mind. The natural elements are vivid and strong, filling you, guiding you in new sensations; the air, the sun, the moon are the eternal guides. The harmony of the Myconian architecture is really astonishing. The location and the way the town of Myconos is build -inside the Northern eye- the port, all in !!!!

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